Terms & Conditions

**Terms of Transaction Document (for Package Travel and Internet Sales)**

*(Explanation of travel conditions based on Article 12-4 of the Travel Agency Act)*

This document, when a travel contract is formed, becomes part of the contract.

Thank you very much for choosing our services. When arranging domestic travel accommodations for 14 or fewer individuals upon your request, we will undertake the arrangement based on the conditions specified in this "Travel Conditions Document." For matters not covered in this document, please refer to our travel business terms (section on arranged travel contracts) and the relevant product inquiry screen on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

**1. Application Fee and Contract Formation**
   - (1) When applying for travel, please fill in the required information on our designated website's "Reservation/Purchase Information Input Screen," confirm necessary agreements, and send it to us electronically.
   - (2) The contract (arranged travel contract) for your applied travel is considered formed when you receive the "Reservation Completed Screen," indicating our acceptance, even without the payment of the application fee. If you cannot confirm the Reservation Completed Screen despite our data transmission, please check it yourself on the "Reservation Confirmation/Cancel" page on our website.

**2. Application Conditions**
   - (1) If you have health issues, use assistive devices like wheelchairs, have physical or mental disabilities, food or animal allergies, are pregnant or possibly pregnant, or have a service dog (guide dog, hearing dog, assistance dog), please inform us when applying. If such conditions arise after the travel contract is established, please inform us immediately. We will provide necessary information and discuss specific measures during the trip.
   - (2) Upon receiving such requests, we will accommodate them within reasonable limits. We may inquire about your situation and necessary measures in writing.
   - (3) We reserve the right to refuse applications from individuals identified as members of organized crime groups, related to organized crime, engaging in violent or unreasonable demands towards us, spreading false rumors, damaging our reputation, or hindering our business using deceit or coercion.
   - (4) Individuals under 15 years old require parental supervision.
   - (5) Using reserved rooms for profit through this arrangement is strictly prohibited. If any profit-oriented activity or preparation is detected, we may terminate the arranged travel contract.

**3. Travel Payment**
   - (1) For on-site payments, settle the accommodation fee directly with the reserved facility on the dates of use.
   - (2) For advance payments, payment by credit card will be as follows:
      - Provide the "Membership Number" and card expiration date at the time of application.
      - The "Card Usage Date" is the date of payment or refund of travel expenses, and the card usage date for cancellation fees is the "date of contract termination request (refund will be made within 7 days from the day following the request date if after the card usage date)."
      - If payment by the member's credit card is not possible due to credit issues or if the credit card company reports card invalidity, we may cancel the communication contract and charge the specified cancellation fee. However, this does not apply if we receive cash payment of the travel expenses by the specified date.
      - If the traveler incurs expenses due to the voluntary cancellation of the contract by the traveler or by the traveler's responsibility, we will charge the traveler through the affiliated company's card without the traveler's signature.
   - (3) Even after the contract is concluded, we may change the travel expenses if the accommodation facility fees are revised.

**4. Group Arrangements**
   - (1) For travel contracts where multiple travelers (hereinafter referred to as "members") traveling together on the same itinerary appoint a responsible representative, we handle all transactions related to the members' travel contracts with the representative. 
   - (2) We are not responsible for any debts or obligations that the representative actually has or is expected to have in the future toward the members.
   - (3) The representative must submit a list of members to us by the date specified by us. Regarding the provision of information to third parties according to section 7, the representative is deemed to have obtained the consent of the members themselves.
   - (4) If the representative does not accompany the group, we will consider the designated member chosen by the representative as the representative after the start of the trip.
   - (5) If the representative requests a change in members, we will accommodate it as much as possible. Changes in the number of travelers that result in an increase or decrease in travel expenses are the responsibility of the members.

**5. Our Liability and Compensation/Disclaimer**
   - (1) Our liability and compensation: We will compensate for damages caused by us or our arrangement agents intentionally or negligently to the customer during the performance of the travel contract. However, this is limited to cases where a claim is made within two years from the day after the damage occurred. For damages to baggage, we will compensate up to JPY 150,000 per traveler if reported within 14 days from the day after the damage occurred.
   - (2) Disclaimer: We are not liable for damages if the customer incurs damages due to reasons such as natural disasters, wars, riots, orders from public authorities, fires, or damages due to the suspension of services at accommodation facilities, food poisoning, intentional or negligent damage by the customer, or other reasons beyond our or our arrangement agent's control.
   - (3) Customer's responsibility:
      - (A) If we incur damages due to intentional or negligent actions by the customer, we will request compensation.
      - (B) If the customer engages in acts contrary to these conditions, uses this website fraudulently or illegally, or if it is determined by us that true and accurate data has not been entered, we may cancel the relevant reservations without prior notice and may refuse the customer's future use of this website. We will not disclose the reasons for such actions.

**6. Non-application of Special Compensation Provisions**
   - The special compensation provisions of the JTB Travel Business Agreement do not apply to this travel contract.

**7. Handling of Personal Information**
   - (1) We will acquire your personal information when accepting travel applications. Providing all or part of the requested personal information is optional, but if not provided, we may not be able to accept your application or perform necessary procedures for communication and service arrangements during the trip.
   - (2) We will use the acquired personal information for communication with you and will provide it to accommodation facilities within the necessary range for arranging travel services and their receipt. In addition, we may use the personal information and the browsing history of our website, purchase history, and behavior history when using our provided app for purposes such as:
      - (i) Introducing products or services, campaigns of affiliated companies
      - (ii) Soliciting opinions or impressions after traveling
      - (iii) Requesting surveys
      - (iv) Providing bonus services
      - (v) Creating statistical data
   - (3) We may outsource some or all of the business of handling personal information obtained under paragraph (1) in travel arrangement business, etc. to other companies. In this case, we will select the outsourced company based on our standards, and after signing a confidentiality agreement, entrust the personal information.
   - (4) We will jointly use the

 personal information acquired under paragraph (1) within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use, between our travel arrangement business, etc. and affiliated companies (limited to the affiliated company of our travel arrangement business, etc. and business consignment business).
   - (5) We may disclose personal information to third parties without your consent in the following cases:
      - (i) When required by law
      - (ii) When it is necessary to protect human life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
      - (iii) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound growth of children, and it is difficult to obtain your consent
      - (iv) When it is necessary to cooperate with a government agency, local government, or a person entrusted by such an organization to carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining your consent is likely to interfere with the execution of these affairs
      - (v) In the case of the above (4) of this section
      - (vi) When it is necessary to disclose information to business partners (limited to affiliated companies of our travel arrangement business, etc. and business consignment business) to provide services that you requested.

**8. Others**
   - (1) This document, including the travel conditions document and other documents specified by us, constitute the entire agreement between us and the customer regarding the matters agreed upon in the travel contract.
   - (2) Even if any part of the travel conditions document becomes invalid due to legal regulations or other reasons, the other parts of the document and the travel contract remain valid.
   - (3) Matters not stipulated in the travel contract shall be governed by the Travel Agency Act, other related laws and regulations, and customs.
   - (4) Litigation involving this travel contract shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in the location of our principal office.
   - (5) We may transfer our rights and obligations under the travel contract to a third party.
   - (6) Even after the conclusion of the travel contract, you may cancel the contract. In such cases, cancellation fees will be charged.

Handing Location

**CjaL,TRANS Corporation**
Ryusen Kuramae Building 3th Floor, 2-2-3 kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0051, Japan
CjaL,TRANS Corporation (Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Registered Travel Agency No. 3-8455)
CjaL,TRANS Sales Center Tokyo Branch
Travel Business Handling Manager: Toshie Sakane
A Travel Business Handling Manager is the transaction manager at the office handling your travel, responsible for the transactions. If you have any questions regarding the explanation of this travel contract from the representative, please feel free to ask the Travel Business Handling Managers mentioned above.